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When selecting this tool, the Steam Client will launch a different program depending on the AppID.


You can define the program it launches via the ~/.config/steamcustomrc file. An example is provided in the example/ directory.

The config syntax is as follows:

appid:application with parameters

In the case of Unreal:


Each line contains its an appid and a launch command, separated by a : symbol. Only the first instance of an AppID is recognized. You can supply as many parameters as you like.

If you'd like to enable the Steam Client to append its launch parameters to your target as well, append this:

appid:application with parameters:parms

Finding out AppIDs

Launch any application in Steam with this tool and you'll get a notification on your desktop. It displays the AppID it is trying to launch.


I wrote a handful of compatibility tools that essentially did the same thing: Use the native version of a program or game. This basically just streamlines all my previous tools into one.