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<title>Vera Visions Material Manual: Table of Contents</title>
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<h1 class = "MsoTitle">Vera Visions Material Manual</h1>
<h2>Revision #14</h2>
<p style = "font-weight: bold">modified by Marco 'eukara' Hladik
<p class = "heading">Original version by Paul Jaquays &amp; Brian Hook
<p class = "heading">(with additional material by John Carmack, Christian Antkow, Kevin Cloud, &amp; Adrian Carmack)</div>
<h1>Table of Contents</h1>
<a href = "ch01/pg1_1.htm">1 Preface: Making Your Own Materials</a>
<br><a href = "ch01/pg1_1.htm#intro">2 Introduction</a>
<ul style = "margin-top: 0em"><a href = "ch01/pg1_1.htm#what">2.1 What is a Material?</a>
<br><a href = "ch01/pg1_1.htm#conventions">2.2 Material Name & File Conventions</a>
<br><a href = "ch01/pg1_1.htm#types">2.3 Material Types</a>
<br><a href = "ch01/pg1_1.htm#concepts">2.4 Key Concepts</a></ul>
<a href = "ch02/pg2_1.htm">3 General Material Keywords</a>
<ul style = "margin-top: 0em">
<a href = "ch02/pg2_1.htm#diffusemap">3.1 diffusemap <em>&lt;texturepath/texturename&gt;</em></a>
<br><a href = "ch02/pg2_1.htm#normalmap">3.2 normalmap <em>&lt;texturepath/texturename&gt;</em></a>
<br><a href = "ch02/pg2_1.htm#specularmap">3.3 specularmap <em>&lt;texturepath/texturename&gt;</em></a>
<br><a href = "ch02/pg2_1.htm#skyparms">3.4 skyParms <em>&lt;farbox&gt; &lt;cloudheight&gt; &lt;nearbox&gt;</em></a>
<br><a href = "ch02/pg2_1.htm#cull">3.5 cull <em>&lt;side&gt;</em></a>
<br><a href = "ch02/pg2_1.htm#fogparms">3.6 fogparms <em>&lt;red value&gt; &lt;green value&gt; &lt;bluevalue&gt; &lt;distance to Opaque&gt;</em></a>
<br><a href = "ch02/pg2_1.htm#nopicmip">3.7 nopicmip</a>
<br><a href = "ch02/pg2_1.htm#nomipmaps">3.8 nomipmaps</a>
<br><a href = "ch02/pg2_1.htm#polygon">3.9 polygonOffset <em>&lt;value&gt;</em></a>
<br><a href = "ch02/pg2_1.htm#portal">3.10 portal</a>
<br><a href = "ch02/pg2_1.htm#sort">3.11 sort <em>&lt;value&gt;</em></a></ul>
<a href = "ch03/pg3_1.htm">4 VMAP Specific Material Keywords</a>
<ul style = "margin-top: 0em"><a href = "ch03/pg3_1.htm#tessSize">4.1 vmap_tessSize <em>&lt;amount&gt;</em></a>
<br><a href = "ch03/pg3_1.htm#backshader">4.2 vmap_backshader <em>&lt;shadername&gt;</em></a>
<br><a href = "ch03/pg3_1.htm#globaltex">4.3 vmap_globaltexture</a>
<br><a href = "ch03/pg3_1.htm#mapsun">4.4 vmap_sun <em>&lt;red&gt; &lt;green&gt; &lt;blue&gt; &lt;intensity&gt; &lt;degrees&gt; &lt;elevation&gt; &lt;deviance&gt; &lt;samples&gt;</em></a>
<br><a href = "ch03/pg3_1.htm#surflight">4.5 vmap_surfaceLight <em>&lt;light value&gt;</em></a>
<br><a href = "ch03/pg3_1.htm#lightimg">4.6 vmap_lightimage <em>&lt;texturepath/texturename&gt;</em></a>
<br><a href = "ch03/pg3_1.htm#lightsub">4.7 vmap_lightsubdivide <em>&lt;value&gt;</em></a>
<br><a href = "ch03/pg3_1.htm#surfparm">4.8 surfaceparm <em>&lt;parm&gt;</em></a>
<a href = "ch04/pg4_1.htm">5 Editor specific shader instructions</a>
<ul style = "margin-top: 0em"><a href = "ch04/pg4_1.htm#edimg">5.1 qer_editorimage <em>&lt;texturepath/texturename&gt;</em></a>
<br><a href = "ch04/pg4_1.htm#nocarve">5.2 qer_nocarve</a>
<br><a href = "ch04/pg4_1.htm#trans">5.3 qer_trans <em>&lt;value&gt;</em></a>
<a href = "ch05/pg5_1.htm">6 Stage Specific Keywords</a>
<ul style = "margin-top: 0em"><a href = "ch05/pg5_1.htm#shader">6.1 Shader specification</a>
<br><a href = "ch05/pg5_1.htm#texmap">6.2 Texture map specification</a>
<br><a href = "ch05/pg5_1.htm#blend">6.3 Blend functions</a>
<br><a href = "ch05/pg5_1.htm#depthfunc">6.4 depthFunc <em>&lt;func&gt;</em></a>
<br><a href = "ch05/pg5_1.htm#depthwrite">6.5 depthWrite</a>