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Updated library zlib to 1.3 in Makefile
4 days ago
client Be a bit more verbose about errors. 1 month ago
common Be more agressive about using our ffmpeg plugin instead of it just failing outright. 1 month ago
d3d Fix up d3d renderers. 1 year ago
droid Track areas properly, so we don't bug out when a client has multiple cameras in different areas. 4 years ago
gl Support for ericw-tools' lightgrid stuff. 1 month ago
http Remove NPFTE preprocessor stuff 3 months ago
partcfgs Try to fix up FTE's android port. 5 years ago
qclib Don't warn on float self-comparisons (#213) 1 month ago
server Be a bit more verbose about errors. 1 month ago
shaders Fix vulkan renderer's rt spotlights (both shadows and spinning). 9 months ago
sw android/msvc tweaks/fixes. 4 years ago
vk vulkan renderer was crashing without the q3 plugin loaded. 5 months ago
vulkan centerprints with links now show cursors. 6 years ago
web Clients can now request the master to initiate an WebRTC/ICE connection with 'sv_public 1' servers. This is primarily for the browser port. Servers now report their srflx address via the status command (with fp, ready for secure copy+paste). 5 months ago
xdk Builtin for movetype_push ents, wastes config changes 6 years ago
BSDmakefile testing, never mind this 16 years ago
LICENSE This should have been in here all along. 19 years ago
Makefile Updated library zlib to 1.3 in Makefile 4 days ago
README.MSVC just added the ml.exe requirement 18 years ago Tweeks to the d3d renderer. Supports various shader features now. Other changes/fixes/breakages also. 14 years ago


This code compiles against libjpeg, libpng, zlib, dx7, libogg and libvorbis.

You can find the main MSVC 6 workspace in the ftequake directory.
You will need to build the gas2masm project's debug build first.
After that, you will have a choice of FTE builds.
If you are running without libraries, you can pick the mingldebug build. For sw only builds, select the debug/release options. For dedicated builds, choose the logical one. The MDebug/MRelease builds are the merged binaries.

important: msvc 6.0 standard install doesn't come with "ml.exe" which is needed to build fte, you can get it from either service pack 5 or 6. or grab it from somewhere i dunno

You will need zlib if you wish to build a version of FTE with png/zip/pk3 support.
If you don't have it, you can hunt out the line '#define AVAIL_ZLIB' in bothdefs.h and disable it.

Ogg Vorbis:
At the time of writing, ogg vorbis support is not fully functional and is #ifdefed out. You will not need these libraries.
Lack of these files can be indicated by removing any '#define AVAIL_OGGVORBIS' line found in bothdefs.h (if they exist)

lib jpeg:
These files are optional and not strictly needed for anything other than screenshots and loading Quake3 textures.
Hunt out and kill '#define AVAIL_JPEGLIB' from bothdefs.h to disable the requirement.
URL pending.

These files are for support of png textures and screenshots.
Hunt out and kill '#define AVAIL_PNGLIB' from bothdefs.h to disable the requirement.
URL pending.

DirectX 7 SDK:
These are used for the d3d renderer. They are only benefitial in this way.
This feature is normally enabled via an ifdef in the project file. An '#define NODIRECTX' in bothdefs.h will disable all requirements of dx. It is normally only used in the merged binaries.
Without this define, it will expect to find DX5 headers and libraries in your compilers default directories.
You can obtain an uptodate copy of directx from Microsoft's Website.