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Michael Drake bc15ad5784
tests: Update corestring allocation count.
3 years ago
data test: Add disc_cache_path to Choices-all test data 4 years ago
js test: Use putImageData features in life demo 4 years ago
monkey-tests fix start stop test to set launch options correctly 4 years ago
.gitignore More monkey stuff 5 years ago
Makefile Test: needs "-ldl". 4 years ago
assert.c Support coverage flushing on assert() 7 years ago
bloom.c add bloom filter test for adding NULL string 8 years ago
corestrings.c tests: Update corestring allocation count. 3 years ago
hashmap.c utils: Add hashmap_count() 4 years ago
hashtable.c fix hashtable test build 6 years ago
llcache.c move tree compatability layer to amiga frontend 7 years ago
log.c use nslog library for logging if available. 7 years ago
malloc_fig.c Add heap fault injection generator into tests 7 years ago
malloc_fig.h Add heap fault injection generator into tests 7 years ago
message_data_inline.h add unit test for user message handling 8 years ago
messages.c move the fallback text for about handler into messages handler 4 years ago
mimesniff.c fix mime sniff test with comment tag 7 years ago
monkey-see-monkey-do improve monkey-see-monkey-do backtrace output to include function name 4 years ago undo debug driver change 3 years ago monkey: Excise sslcert and add loading blocking support 4 years ago
nsoption.c Tests: Update test data for improved nsoption colour rendering. 4 years ago
nsurl.c improve nsurl query handling. 6 years ago
testament.h make nsurl unit test work again 9 years ago
time.c Test: Add trailing whitespace and garbage datetime string parse tests. 8 years ago
urldbtest.c remove test for removed API 7 years ago
urlescape.c Fix warnings in unit tests 8 years ago
utils.c improve human_friendly_bytesize to cope with sizes up to 16 exibytes 4 years ago